Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yippee, we are finally babysitting baby Morgan.  Emma was scheduled to come home yesterday, but she was sick over the weekend and not able to keep anything down.  Now it is the waiting game again as I would imagine she lost some weight.  The most important thing is her body fat ratio.  Can’t wait to have her home too.  Chris sounded disappointed, but I told him that she was in the best place if she was sick, which he knew of course.  It does my heart good to see what a great daddy he is becoming and how much he loves these babies.  We hope that his love for his children will keep him on the straight and narrow and he will never go back to the harmful activities of the past.

My resolution for this new year is to try and post every day on this blog.  I feel bad that I have really slacked off with my postings.  It seems great to have the holidays behind us.  As much as I love Christmas, it is always nice to get back to normal and not feeling so stressed.  I really need to get busy in my studio again.  I did go down and work on dog booties until the baby arrived, but I sold another pair of booties today at the grooming salon, so I really need to get these finished and keep well stocked.  This is the time of year they will sell the best.  I am amazed and quite happy about how many pair of booties we have already sold.  The lady that bought the large pair today ordered another pair for her friend’s dog.  We have to go to Warsaw tonight for Bradly’s therapy appointment and I am hoping the roads stay good.  :o)

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