Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Is anyone else a fan of the show “Castle”??  Steve and Rachel and I just love this show and were so glad it was not cancelled.  Last night was this years first episode and it was so good.  There is an actual “Castle” book out and Rachel and I both want to read it.  I would love to know if anyone else is a fan of this show.

This is the first day I have actually felt better.  I have not felt good since last Thursday.  I was starting to think it might be because I took myself off from my 800 milligram Motrin which I have taken for years.   I got nervous after my Dr. appointment last Wed. when she told me how unhealthy that high of a dose was for my kidneys.  The Dr. wanted me to cut back, but I decided to jump in and just quit.  We talked to the pharmacist today and he says there wouldn’t be any withdrawal symptoms other than some increased pain.  He figures I have a bug. 

Sold my first plaid pair of dog booties last night.  I was so pleased to find this plaid fleece at JoAnn Fabrics…it made up into adorable booties.  :o)

plaid 1

plaid 2

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