Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morgan and Emma

We had such a nice afternoon….we babysat for our precious little twin granddaughters.  The girls are almost 2 months old already.  Morgan weighs 8 pounds and Emma is up to 6 pounds.  Considering at one point there was a three pound difference, this is wonderful.  I didn’t get to go out and take pictures of the new “yoga mat bags” I finished yesterday, but I can do that tomorrow….way more important to spend time with our granddaughters.   :o)

When Chris and Heather arrived to drop off the girls, Chris made a bee-line to the cookie jar only to discover that it was empty.  He was hoping for some chocolate chip cookies.  His father had pity on him and baked him some cookies while they were gone.  Chris was thrilled when he got back and saw a whole container for him to take home with him.

Steve has to have a tooth pulled tomorrow which makes me a little nervous.  Steve has been taking a blood thinner for many years due to problems with blood clots.  The dentist got his numbers from the Dr., but I will be so happy when it is over and he is ok.  It is our week for the dentist…I have to get a tooth fixed on Tuesday.  :o(  UGH, I hate when I have to go to the dentist.  I am actually going right away (I usually procrastinate and a small problem then becomes a big one.) Isn’t it so nice I have learned from my past mistakes??  LOL

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