Friday, May 1, 2009

Parenting is Frustrating

Nicholas has had two pretty good weeks, which has been a nice reprieve.  Bradly on the other hand has been lying left and right.  His class is going on a camping trip later this month.  About a month ago we told him that in order to go, he had to try to be honest and trustworthy.  Did we expect that that meant he wouldn’t lie at all…NO!!!  We know better.  The truth of the matter is that he hasn’t been really trying at all.  Finally last week we told him he was not going.  His teacher sent home a note yesterday offering that the school would cover the $50 cost because Bradly had told her we couldn’t afford the $50 which is why he isn’t going.  Needless to say we were not very pleased about yet another lie.  He swore up hill and down that he never told her that.  This morning I called his teacher and guess what?  Not only did he tell her that, but he wrote it on a note to her, which she still has.  Ugh.  She is going to show him the note and tell him she told me about it and see what he comes up with next.  It is extremely hard to live with a kid that you cannot trust.  The dishonesty seems to be escalating even though we have consequences in place and follow through with them  Bradly and I actually have a contract we came up with together.  Each time he lies, he loses 2 hours of t.v. time.  He can still earn his tickets for the “Ticket Game”, but he is not allowed to spend them on days that he has lost t.v. time for lying.  If anyone has a plan that worked with their children or know of something that has worked, please leave me a comment, as I would love to hear any ideas you may have.

Maybe I will get the blue and white striped beach bag I have been working on, finished today.  Last night I hand appliquéd the white anchor onto the navy blue pocket with red embroidery floss and I am please with the result.  After that I really need to get working on the dog collars for our two dogs.  I don’t remember if I told you that I bought a PDF pattern that contained different sized collar patterns as well as a leash pattern.  I also purchased the hardware needed for the collars. I want to make Chloe and Karli matching collars and I admit to being a bit nervous as I have never made a collar.  I decided however, that if I can make purses I should be able to make a couple of collars..LOL

I relisted this “Tweety Bird” tote/diaper bag this morning.  Hopefully by tonight I will have the beach bag ready to list.  Here is a pic of the “Tweety Bird” bag. :o)

tweety purse 1

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Caroline said...

I simply love love this bag!!
ps.. I use soap, the old fashioned way, but then usually never swear again!

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