Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reid is Coming Home for a Visit

We are looking forward to our son, Reid, who goes to college at SUNY Brockport, coming home for a couple of days.  Reid has a nice apartment with some friends and two jobs, so he will be staying in Brockport for the summer.  We don’t get to see him all that often due to him working on weekends, so this is a treat.  FYI, for those who don’t know, Reid is Rachel’s twin brother. Rachel is busy working a lot at the ice cream shop and we are enjoying having her home from college for the summer  We are still waiting to hear whether Megan and Scott are coming down from Canada for the weekend, or whether they are going camping.  In another week or so, Megan will be going to Pennsylvania for the summer.  She is a nurse at a kids camp and this is like her 6th summer working there.  Steven is doing very well, and is trying to decide whether to keep his apartment or move in with someone and share a three bedroom apartment.  Due to the traffic in Houston, it usually takes him an hour and a half to get home from work.  If he moves, it would only be a 15 minute drive home each day.  He would save on time and gas money, but he wouldn’t have the luxury of living alone.  The new place in a nice apartment complex and there is a pool available for the tenants, so that would be another plus.  We just found out that Christopher (our 21 year old adopted son) and his girlfriend are having a baby.  They seem to be quite excited.  We are a little less enthusiastic due to all the drug problems Chris has had and his problems holding down a job.  On the other hand, maybe being responsible for another life will help him to grow up and be responsible.  Brad and Nick are both doing better with the addition of their new medications. Nick has been stuck on the movie “Happy Feet”.  This is the third morning in a row that he has watched it.  Truthfully I am a little sick of it.  LOL   I guess that is the update on my kids.  It seems so good when things are running pretty smooth for everyone and mom and dad can worry less.  family pic redo

This is a picture of us and 6 of our children, plus our son-in-law.  Steven is the only one not in this picture.  This picture was taken a few years ago at Brad and Nick’s adoption, but it is the closest thing I have to a family picture.  :o)

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AtHomeWithSewSuzanne said...

Your family sounds busy!!! You are amazing for doing all you do. My husnabd was adopted and we hope to do the same and a dopt a little boy. Trying to save for it!!! Wish it wasn't so expensive to help save a child.... Great blog!

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