Sunday, May 3, 2009

Karli Won Round 1

Ok, I promised an update on Karli’s housebreaking. I have to admit defeat concerning yesterday mornings skirmish.  As you know I had grabbed her within 5 minutes of eating breakfast and waited with her outside for a good 45 minutes freezing my backside off, and nothing.  So we came in and I kept her on her leash so I would know if she had to go.  After I blogged I took her back out.  She ALWAYS poops within 5 or 10 minutes of eating, so we went out for the second time.  We had been outside about 20 minutes when my hubby got up and came outside with us.  I explained how determined I was that Karli was going to get housebroke, and how weird it was that after all this time she still hadn’t pooped.  I couldn’t believe when he said, “Um, before I came out I cleaned up Karli poop out in the  laundry room.  I am ashamed to say that I came in the house and shed tears over the frustration of it all.  How in the world she had slipped out in the laundry room and pooped without me knowing is beyond me.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel…we got her after lunch and she pooped outside.  We made a huge deal and we are hoping we are on out way to a housebroke Karlil.

I am really psyched because I sold the “Doggie Travel Bag” yesterday.  A customer bought it for her mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  It is really a great feeling when you have an idea for something new in your head and you manage to create it.  But it is even better  when someone else sees its potential and you make a sale.  I want to make another one with the new fabric I got at Joann Fabrics, but I promised myself I was going to make Chloe and Karli their new dog collars first.  I don’t know why I feel so inadequate about making these collars, but I do feel nervous.  I will probably find that they are really easy to make and love making them.  Chloe’s dog groomer would like me to make some matching collars and leashes for her to sell in her shop.  If these go well, I just may do that.

“Doggie Travel Bag”.doggie travel bag 5 Today’s agenda involves my Brother-in-law and his pickup truck.  Ernie and Steve  are going to my parents house and picking up the firewood from a tree my dad cut down.  The kids and I will go along in our van when they go up to our campsite to unload the wood.  We thought maybe we could get a few things done while we are there, and the kids will be thrilled to get to play in the woods directly across from the camper and in easy site of us.  Steve checked yesterday and the water at the campground has been turned on, so we will have bathroom facilities.   It feels good to have an outing planned for the day.  :o)


Cherry Tart Design said...

Congrats on the sale! I feel your pain with the whole house breaking thing, puppies can be stubborn some times but in the end, just like kids, they finally get the hang of it.

Rachel said...

Sorry to tell you this mom, but that dog poop that dad cleaned up in the laundry room was from the night before. I saw it when I went to get my clothes and I meant to clean it up but then completely forgot. So Karli might not have won round 1 :)

Megan said...

haha!! That's why Rachel is the favourite!! Leaving dog poo all night just to sit there. Dad should have been able to tell if it was fresh or not. PS. I love the fact Rachel had to write on here to tell u about that, despite the fact she lives in the same house!

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