Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Visit from Megan

We are very much looking forward to having Megan (our oldest daughter) drive down from Canada for the day.  She should get here around noon and stay until after dinner.

Oh, I am very pleased to report that I weighed in this morning and have lost another 2 pounds and have dropped into the next category .  I figure slow and steady wins the race.  I think that keeping our bread or pasta meals to one per day is a big key, and of course lots of vegetables.  I love zucchini squash and we have found that if you cut them in half, and then slice them the long way they are very easy to grill.  About an hour or two before grilling we slice them up and put them in a ziplock bag with Chavetta’s  Italian Dressing to marinate.  They are out of this world and very low in calories and very high in fiber.   I tried a new “Weight Watchers” recipe my daughter just shared with me.  The recipe is for a “potato” salad that is actually made with a fresh cauliflower.  It looked exactly like potato salad and tasted wonderful.Steve and Bradly loved it too.  We had it with a grilled ground round burger that was loaded with onions and green peppers .  We eat our burger with no bread, but this seemed like a picnic meal.  I am so glad to have this “potato” salad recipe because my family loves potato salad and this will help complete some summer meals and we won’t feel deprived. 

Last week I was so surprised to discover I had won a blog giveaway.  I will be receiving a photo I chose from this artists selection.  Amazingly, I was notified yesterday that I had won another blog giveaway.  I won a necklace from “Wire Dream Designs” . My husband thinks I better run out and buy a lottery ticket since I seem to be having a lucky streak.  Here is a picture of the necklace I won.  This gorgeous piece of jewelry is one of many beautiful pieces sold here:

necklace I won

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Cherry Tart Design said...

Wow! You're having a great week! Congrats on the weight loss and the blog wins. I love grilling zuccini, actually I just love grilled vegies period. You'll have to share that cauliflower recipe, it sounds so yummy!

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