Friday, May 22, 2009

4 Day Weekend

The kids are off from school now until Tuesday.  We have high hopes for a fun filled weekend.  Reid is home until tonight or tomorrow morning as he has to work tomorrow.  It was so nice to sit down to dinner last night and have Reid and Rachel eating with us.  They had fun playing Guitar Hero last night.  I still haven’t played it, but one of these days I will give it a try.

Today begins our town wide yard sale here in Arcade, so I need to get everybody ready for the day.  We wouldn’t want to miss any bargains.  LOL

Here is a picture of Brad in his new plaid shorts.  I think boys look so darn cute in plaid shorts.  I wish I could have bought them one of every color when we were at Target.


I decided to relist this cute recycled denim skull bag today.  It is an oldie but goodie.  It is funny how things sell.  Quite often it isn’t the new listings that sell, but the listngs I have had for awhile.:o)


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