Saturday, May 9, 2009

My First “Twilight” Inspired Bag

After several days of drawing, painting and sewing, I have finished my very first “Twilight” inspired bag.  I thought I would put it up on my blog and see what you guys think of it.   I plan on making a few more, each a little different from the first one.

twilight 2

Today has started out much better than last Saturday.  As you may recall, last Saturday I had decided it was the day Karli was going to start pooping outside, and it did not go well.  We got up at 7am today and I took her right out.  She wanted to come in after just a couple of minutes, but I stayed out on the porch and waited her out.  As soon as she knew she wasn’t coming in until she went potty, she complied.  Actually this past week we have made some real gains on the housebreaking. Yippee!!

My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow for Mother Day.  I can’t say what the menu is, because my mom wants to be surprised and she does read my blog.  I will say it is going to be really good and she will love everything.  :o)


Megan said...

The bag turned out soooo good! I love it!

missbmckay said...

LOVE IT! My daughter is sooo still craving more TWILIGHT. You did a great job.

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