Monday, May 4, 2009

Made a Dog Collar

I am very pleased to announce that I finally made a collar for our dog, Chloe.  I found that it really isn’t that hard….especially if you don’t get ahead of yourself and think you know how to attach the hardware without the directions.  Naturally that is just what I did, but once I picked out the seams I had sewn and actually followed the directions for attaching the hardware, it was quite easy and I could have had it done in half the the time if I hadn’t thought I was so smart.  LOL

chloes collar








What  a nice day  we had yesterday.  We did take firewood to our camper and Steve de-winterized the camper (got the anti freeze out of the pipes ect.).  The slideout and the awning are open and the grill and most of the deck furniture are out.  The kids picked up lots of sticks and we raked the foot of leaves off the hostas so they can come up.  Brad and Nick played in the woods and walked Karli (who had a ball).  We were there for a couple of hours and then we stopped on the way home and saw Rachel at “SMILES” (the ice cream shop she works at).  Naturally we partook of the delicious frozen custard that they sell there. was yummy!!

Oh, I wanted to include a picture of my finished nautical beach bag.  I realized after I blogged yesterday that I had not shared the finished product.  :o)

beach bag retake

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