Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Feature

Rather than feature an Etsy shop today, I decided to feature a blog that I found this morning.  This blog has a really great tutorial that shows very clearly, how to make a quilted, zippered pouch.  Check it out and be sure and leave comments.  http://lolosinclair.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-make-cute-quilted-zipper-case.html


We had a really nice time yesterday at our campsite.  Steve and I planted some new hostas and the boys played in the woods and Rachel took them to the playground for a while.  Bradly had a great time taking Karli for walks.  Our hotdogs cooked over the fire were really good  as were the s’mores. (Back to eating healthy today, but those Doritos and s’mores were yummy).  :o) I was amazed at how much Bradly packed away.  It seemed like he was always going to weigh 50 something, and all of a sudden he started growing and eating a lot more.  He went from being a picky little eater, to loving almost everything and eating lots of it.  Last week at the Dr. he weighed 80 pounds.  He is thrilled because he has always been the shortest kid in his class and gets picked on for it.  I have a feeling when he goes back to school in the Fall, he won’t be the shortest kid any more.

I relisted this cute “Tweety Bird and Sylvester” tote bag this morning.  It would also work nicely for a diaper bag.  I thought I would be listing my new laptop bag, but alas I need to make a few changes as I am not totally pleased with it yet. 

tweety purse 1








After I finish up the laptop bag, my goal is to get busy making some more dog collars to take up tot he grooming shop.  I just ordered the hardware for large and extra large collars as they require one inch hardware rather than the 3/4 inch size I use for small and medium dog collars.  I also ordered the swivel hooks I need for the leashes.  I can’t wait for my new goodies to arrive.  :o)


lolo said...

Thank you so much for featuring my tutorial. You have a lovely blog :-)

byapryl said...

Great tutorial! Makes me want to take up sewing!

AMIdesigns said...

Great tutorial! wish i could sew :)

illi said...

Fun, I want to make one. Thanks for sharing!

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