Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunny Saturday

So happy to get up to the sunshine, even though that was at 6:30 am. on the weekend which really should be a crime. Nicholas was wide awake and raring to go which of course got the puppy revved up. LOL  Nick is doing somewhat better now that he is taking Stettera for his ADHD.  He could not take any of the stimulants as they made him really hyper and agitated rather than calm and focused.  His teacher has seen a huge improvement in his ability to control his temper.  The doctor said we probably wouldn’t notice improvements for a month, and we were seeing much improved behavior with in a week.  Lets hope it just keep working well for him.

I found this great blog for those of you with an Etsy business.  She offers all kinds of advise on how to improve your shop.  Please check it out and maybe leave a comment.

Our dog groomer stopped by yesterday and bought one of my “Doggie Travel Bags”.  She said she has customers asking if I am going to be making any tiny dog collars.  Our dogs go to see her in a little over a week, and I told her I would have a bunch of collars ready to display.  This is the “Doggie Travel Bag” that she bought.

pink doggie bag 2

One more topic before I close today’s update.  I watched “Twilight” the movie last night.  Quite frankly I was afraid I would be disappointed after reading the 4 books, but it was pretty good.  My hubby even enjoyed it and he hasn’t read the books.  The movie “New Moon”, based on book # 2 is being released in November and looks really good.  Megan found some clips for us to look at.  :o)

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Caroline said...

I Love those dog bags!! You are so creative!!

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