Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Venture

Well, today is the day Chloe goes to be bathed and groomed.  The shop owner has wanted me to make some collars and leashes to sell in her shop for a while now.  I have a small and a medium collar ready to take up.  It would be awesome if the collars and hopefully matching leashes sell well there.  I have to get some swivel hooks before I can work on the leashes.  I really enjoy making the collars, and I think the leashes will be fun to make too.

new collars

The boys saw the Dr. yesterday and they are both on a new medication which will hopefully improve some of the impulsive behaviors.  If we don’t see an improvement or they should have a negative reaction, of course we will discontinue the meds.  Steve and I are very hopeful that life will be better for all of us with the addition of the new meds.  We could not go on the way things have been, it hasn’t been good for any of us.  I will keep everyone posted on their progress.  :o)


KnockKnocking said...

Good luck with the sales!

Christie Cottage said...

I hope your collars and leashes sell well for you & that your boys meds work too!

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