Friday, May 15, 2009

Ah…the Weekend has Arrived

Things with Brad and Nick are a bit better and I find myself looking forward to the weekend.  The weather forecast sounds promising and I would love to get more yard work done.  We still have a lot of work to do at our camper too, so maybe we can go work and have a picnic this weekend.

I sold a girl’s apron from my second shop last night.  I guess I need to put more energy into promoting that shop.  I don’t promote my second shop anywhere near as much as I promote my purse shop.  Here is a pic of the apron I sold.

girls apron 1

The first “Doggie Travel Bag” I made sold fairly quickly, so I decided to make a couple of more.  I think I may take at least one of them up to the dog groomer’s shop and display it with the collars and soon, leashes.  I was thinking about giving the customers the option of a matching collar to go with the bag they chose.  I need to think about that some more.  Here  are the new “Doggie Travel Bags”.

pink doggie bag 2






red doggie bag 2

I also wanted to share a cool blog I found this morning.  This bloggist (is that a word?), has lots of awesome ideas for making things with recycled items.  Check it out.   Have a great weekend everyone.  :o)  

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Brandon said...

Great shop! Congrats on the sale! Hope you have a nice weekend w/ good weather.

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