Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Wrapping is Done

Whew...I was starting to think I would never finish all the gift wrapping, but alas, I finished today. At least I am done until the rest of the gifts are delivered. LOL We still have all the stocking stuffers to wrap, but I don't worry about that, as I can squeeze that in between other jobs.

I sold another one of my owl bags today. This is the first time I was asked to gift wrap an item. The purse was for a little girl out in Wisconsin. I think I have sold 6 owl purses now and have 2 left. That is a pattern I created quite some time ago, and I guess after the holidays I had better get some more made (might as well be optimistic).

They are calling for a really bad snow storm tonight after midnight. They think another will hit us Sunday and then one on Christmas Eve. Of course that worries me as Reid has to work until 6 pm at Walmart where he works in Brockport, then he will be making the 1 1/2 hour drive home. I am hoping they are wrong about that storm. Time will tell. :o)

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