Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feels Like Sunday

It has been a strange few days. Yesterday seemed like Saturday all day, probably because the kids had a snow day from school. Today has felt like Sunday all day, and then I remember it is Saturday and I feel so happy that the weekend isn't really over. Tomorrow is Sunday again and you all know what that means...right?? It is my day to sleep in and Steve gets up with the kids. :o)

We had the nicest day at my parents house today. One of my sweetypie nieces, Liz, comes up every year for a Christmas dinner with my parents. and we always go too. Her boyfriend, Tony, is really nice and Nicholas adores him. Tony went down and played ping pong with him and then they rough housed a bit and then played big, Lego blocks together. Of course, Nick made a gun out of his and shot Tony a few times. LOL Liz brought her nephew/Godson who is a little over a month old. Nick loved him to pieces and of course Rachel thought he was adorable. We all did!! It was nice to hold such a tiny baby again. He was unbelievably alert and sweet.

Well, it is almost bedtime for the kids. The girls spent part of the day with their father and arrived home about 7:30 pm. They will be moving back with him after living with us over a year and a half. It is going to be so hard on all of us. They are moving on Christmas Eve day, Dec. 24th. Bradly is being discharged from C.P.C. on Dec. 23rd, so we are going to celebrate him being home and have Christmas with the girls Tues. night. It will be nice to have Brad home again and have our family back together again permanently. Now I am going to play a game I love on line called "Wordscape". It is relaxing and I just thought of it the other day and loaded it onto the new computer. I used to play alot before starting my Etsy businesses, but haven't had the time in months and months, so I am enjoying it. :o)

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