Friday, December 5, 2008

No More Stress

Yup, the stress is off. All my stuff is at the craft show which opens Sat. from 9 am till 4pm. Rachel and her best friend Amanda will be sitting there all day for me, so now I can just relax and not feel like I have to be sewing and getting more things made. The girls are excited about running my table and I am excited to have them do it. LOL I think all the spots were taken so it should be a really good show. I had a huge piece of Christmas fabric to cover the two tables I rented, but when we got there, the tables were in an "L" shape. A very nice women helped us figure how to do the corner so I wouldn't have to cut the fabric. It actually worked out quite nicely. Now the girls just need to set the things out tomorrow morning. We didn't dare set our stuff out for fear of something getting stolen. Our table is the first one right by the door when you walk in, which is an awesome spot. That means we will be the last table they see on the way out. This is good because I always check out everything, and then go back and buy. Tomorrow I will let you know if it was a success or a flop. Either way, it only cost $15 for the two tables so it was worth it. :o)

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