Sunday, December 7, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Wow, we got quite a bit of snow overnight, and it is blowing. I told the kids that if it had been a school day, they probably would have had a snow day. Actually it is a great day to decorate the tree and the rest of the house as well as baking some Christmas cookies.

One of the blogs I follow is a culinary one and they had the most awesome sounding cheesecake bars listed today. We are quite fond of cheesecake at our house, so I think I am going to try these. Here is the link if you care to take a look.

So anyway, I think today is a great day to just relax and do some fun things with kids. I need to go check out my monkey fabric as someone e-mailed me about making one in an adult size. They had seen the child sized one I have listed. I don't think I have enough fabric left, but I will check and see. :o)

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