Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, our company just left and the boys will be going to bed soon. Nicholas is so excited about Santa coming. He woke me up this morning asking if we could make some cookies so we could leave cookies and milk out for Santa. Tonight he has already gotten a plate and put the two cookies on it. He is really cute. Bradly has been so sweet about not ruining it for Nick. Brad is loving being home and it seems great to have them both home. The girls got moved. What a circus that was, but it is done. We are watching them for 5 days next week while the dad works, so we will get to see them.

Rachel is off to the neighbors to play "Guitar Hero", and Reid is on his way home, but he called and has a flat tire. It figures! He is waiting for roadside assistance since it is slushy, windy and raining. He just texted Steve and said the tow truck just arrived. Rachel and Reid will be playing Santa and bringing up all the gifts that are wrapped in the basement and putting them under the tree. Our backs would never hold up to toting bags of gifts up the stairs. I will put the stockings together as I have everything wrapped already. Christopher will be joining us tomorrow also. Reid will go pick him up late in the morning and he will stay for dinner. We were glad that he called and asked if he could come. Of course we welcomed him. We tried to get him to come for Thanksgiving, but he wouldn't, so this is a nice surprise.

I would like to wish anyone reading this a very merry Christmas! Enjoy your family. :o)

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