Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Ready

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Christmas seems to have some so much quicker this year. I have everything wrapped except the white chocolate cashew bark that I still need to make for my son-in-law and a couple of gift cards we have yet to buy. It struck me tonight however that we still have a bag of stocking stuffers to wrap. We had Christmas with the girls tonight as they are moving tomorrow. They loved their presents and Brad and Nick handled them opening their gifts very well. They handed out the gifts, although they each opened a present from the girls, so that did help. It is going to be sad to see them leave and I will worry, but they are in God's hands and I do trust him.

Bradly was discharged from the hospital today, and we are all glad about that. It seems nice to have the boys both home. Hopefully we never need to go that route again. I talked to Steven and his box of presents arrived today, but his box of goodies (fudge, cookies ect) did not. The goodies were sent a day earlier than the gifts, so he is getting nervous. I hope the goodie box arrives tomorrow. Reid is driving home from college Wed. evening as he has to work until 6pm. They are calling for nasty weather, so we are praying he gets home before it hits.

Tomorrow we are going to get the lasagna made for Christmas dinner. We will have tossed salad and dinner rolls with it. Making the lasagna the day before allows the flavors to really blend though and makes Christmas day so much easier. Scott and Megan will be here on Sat. to have Christmas, so we are making a ham and mashed potatoes and gravy dinner for them. We will have my mom and dad and Ernie (my husband's brother) that day also. It promises to be a busy week, but an enjoyable one. Love to spend time with my family. So glad the kids did have school today. :o)

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