Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday is Coming!!

Oh yeah, tomorrow is Friday, and that will mean I survived having two extra kids for two days. They are actually very nice kids, but the boy is a handful. He likes LOTS of attention and get very loud and a bit obnoxious trying to get it. I got a phone call this morning to see if I could keep them for the weekend too.....I had to say no to that because my guys have enough problems getting along and to throw 2 more in the mix for the way. I have gotten smarter in my old age and have learned to say "No" when I need to. Best to maintain my sanity..LOL

I finished my other monkey purse today. I got the idea to use a pair of earrings Rachel bought quite a while ago and only wore 1 or 2 pair off the card, and I gave the monkey pierced ears. I think it looks really cute, but then I am prejudice. I am psyched because I had been admiring a couple of bracelets in someones shop. I noticed she had marked some of my things as favorites, so I wrote and asked her if she would like to trade. She was really glad to, so I am trading for two really pretty bracelets for myself. :o)

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