Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quiet Sunday

It was so windy here today. The sun did shine for a little while, but it was definitely a gloomy type day. We got caught up on our chores and got the house back to normal and watched movies with the kids. Oh, and I made an awesome soup using the left over ham. It had potatoes, ham, left over corn, onion, milk and velveeta cheese. It was really good and perfect for a yucky weather day.

Rachel had to drive to Buffalo and work at Old Navy today. She said the wind was actually worse this morning than it was tonight. Reid and his friends attended the Bills vs. Patriots game in Buffalo. He is home safe and sound...we checked. I can't imagine it was too enjoyable in the windy weather, especially when the Bills didn't even score at all. :o(

One more week and the kids will be back in school. We found out that Bradly's bus will be arriving at 6:40 a.m. Ugh It ought to be interesting getting him out the door at that hour. He has been in the hospital and this is his first experience in 5th grade. I am hoping he is welcomed by the other kids and fits right in. At least I have convinced my hubby to take turns with me getting him up and off to school every day. :o)

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