Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Love Saturday Night

Sunday morning is the one morning each week that I get to sleep in. I get up during the week and on Saturday with the kids and Steve gets up on Sunday mornings. It is wonderful and I look forward to it. By the time I get up, the kids have had their meds, eaten breakfast, and the coffee is made. I love to get a cup of coffee and look at the new Target ad. Funny how we get certain routines in our lives.

We all thought our oldest daughter was going to have to have surgery today and were quite relieved when it turned out she didn't need it after all. I appreciate so much the way our family rallies around and you know you can count on them to pray and be there for us. We have a wonderful family and I appreciate them so much...I think sometimes I just don't tell the people I love enough, how much they mean to me. Sounds like a good thing to work on during the new year.

On another note, we got some Christmas baking done today. It was nice because Rachel was here and she pitched in and helped too. We made peanut butter balls, thumbprint cookies, Scottish shortbread, and more penuche fudge (as the other got eaten). Steve also got cream cheese sugar cookies mixed up and ready to bake tomorrow. This is a new recipe this year and they are awesome. We also used a new thumbprint recipe and it is even better than the old one. Maybe tomorrow I will share these great recipes. :o)

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