Monday, November 17, 2008

Why do we save so much junk??

I have always been a person who hates clutter. I like things in their place and neat and tidy. I am the one who sorts the mail because others (namely my hubby) seem to just stack up junk mail instead of tossing it in the circular file. My children have always accused me of throwing out their stuff. That has been true when they continued to leave their stuff laying around after being asked many times to put them away. I just assumed they didn't want it. I did by mistake throw away a check for $200 once while I was hoeing out. Thankfully my hubby realized it was missing and called me at work and we figured out what I had done. I have also been guilty of putting things in a "safe" place, and then having trouble remembering where that was. I must say though, that my fetish for tidiness has given my children an out of always blaming mom when they have lost things. One such instance has been when my oldest daughter needed a book from my youngest daughters college library. The book has disappeared and I got the blame for it, when in fact, I haven't even seen it. It is quite convenient to blame mom. It cost $45 to pay for the book. I hope she finds it, but I am not the guilty party this time, no matter what my gal says. I imagine we will have to agree to disagree on that point. :o) She is such an awesome daughter in so many ways, I guess I best not complain too much. LOL
The reason I got on the subject of junk is because, as I stated yesterday, we bought a new computer. We decided to totally empty our desk, and sort through the junk. Oh my goodness, we could not believe how much we had to throw away. We ended up with at least 2 black garbage bags full of trash, not to mention all the stuff that had accumulated on or around the desk that didn't even belong there. We put all of that in better places, and wow, it looks so nice now. I now have my shipping scale on the desk which is so convenient. Before when I was packing up items from my shop to ship, I had to go to a different room to weigh, another room to gather various things I needed for my business. Now it is all right at my finger tips and neat and tidy too. :o) There is even room for the hard drive (which is small) to sit on the desk. So, back to my original question!! "Why do we save so much junk"? After all of this, I bet in 6 months or so we need to do it again. LOL

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