Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Black Friday Experience

Well, when we saw the great price that Walmart was selling a 42 inch flat screen t.v. for on Black Friday, we decided to break down and buy one....our gift to each other for Christmas. Our daughters left here at 6 am to start the hunt for great bargains. We were going to order our t.v. on line after Rachel called us from Walmart to tell us she was able to get us one of the t.v. stands we would need for this tv. Rachel thought she had the right stand, so Steve went ahead and ordered our tv only to discover they were out of them (of course). Rachel found out she had the wrong stand anyway...this one was almost $100 more, and they were out of the sale one (of course). So we figured we just weren't meant to have one of these t.v.s.

Steve was really bummed out about not getting the television (you know how guys are with their toys), so he called Walmart in Warsaw. They did still have some of the $94 t.v. stands but were out of the 42 inch t.v. (that I wanted) and the 32 inch(Steve thought would be better for our livingroom). My hubby then decided to call Radio Shack and see if they had either size left from the sale they were running. They were out also. They said they had a 37 inch but it was over $800. So, that was rather discouraging. Steve then had a brainstorm. I didn't even know they made a 37 inch t.v., and he hadn't thought about it. He checked and the Walmart in Warsaw had a roll back on a 37 inch and they actually had one in stock, and they still had a stand. Needless to say, Steve and Bradly took off for the 40 minute drive to Warsaw and came home with a new t.v. and stand. The cool thing is, it is the perfect size for our living room. I think the 42 inch would have been a bit big and the 32 inch would have been a bit small. It turned out to be a great compromise and we are both happy. A good Black Friday was had by both of us. :o)

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