Friday, November 21, 2008

Leftovers Can Be Great!!

Usually one night a week we have a smorgasbord for dinner. We have left overs from the two or three nights before. The kids like it and we do cooking and not much cleanup, plus we aren't being wasteful. I am not a fond lover of leftovers myself. I have to say that my hubby created an awesome casserole from last nights dinner and you could have sworn it was a totally fresh meal. We had creamed chicken and biscuits last night. He made the gravy thinner rather than thick. Tonight, he mixed about a cup of Minute Rice into the gravy which besides the chicken, had carrots, celery, onion and tender tiny frozen peas. He added some shredded cheddar cheese to the gravy. This mixture went into a sprayed casserole dish. Steve put some cheddar cheese and some buttered breadcrumbs over the top and baked it till heated through and rice was soft. It was awesome, and like eating a whole new meal.

Bradly came through his surgery fine. He ended up getting a tube in one ear as the other ear and tube were fine. Hopefully this will take care of his ear trouble. Today was the last day of school for 9 days, so hopefully I come through it with my sanity. LOL

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