Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day is Over

Ugh....I wonder if everyone is in misery caused by eating too many Thanksgiving goodies. Our dinner was really great, but as usual we ate too much...sat around complaining about how awful we felt and then proceeded to partake of pie and cake..LOL It was really nice to spend the day with our family and friends. I really missed our three sons that were unable to be with us and our son in-law. Hopefully next year we can all be together for the holidays. It was a good day for remembering all of our blessings . Sometimes we seem to focus on what we don't have, rather than what we do have, and it seems nice to get re- focussed .

I have been busy getting my two Etsy shops geared up for this busy shopping weekend. I am having free shipping in both of my shops on orders of $10.00 or more before shipping. This sale will be from midnight Nov. 27th until midnight Dec. 1st EST. I am offering the free shipping to U.S. and Canadian customers. I am hoping the free shipping will generate some sales, but time will tell. All of you that go out shopping to the malls and stores on Black Friday...Good Luck!! Our daughters are heading out very early in the morning. The benefit of this is that if I need something that is on sale, they can get it for me. :o)

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