Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snow, snow and more snow!!

Part of the thrill of living in western NY in the winter is never knowing when you are going to get dumped on with a ton of snow. All around us, they often get very little snow compared to us. Our one daughter goes to college in Buffalo and she is home for the holiday. She could not believe how much snow we had. They didn't have hardly anything and she is less than an hour away. We got a lot more snow today on top of the foot we already had. I had to change an appointment from morning till afternoon today due to the weather. By the time the roads looked ok here, it was almost 12:30. We got halfway to our appointment and drove right into horrible weather conditions. We made it to our destination, and were relieved that the roads were so much better driving back...that is until we were about 15 min. from home. We drove right into some very bad driving conditions. We saw a bad accident and were just so thankful to make it back home in one peace.

I am so blessed that while we were off at our appointment, my hubby was home getting a cake and pies and dinner rolls ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I need to make stuffing tomorrow, but I would say we are in good shape for our holiday dinner where we will be hosting dinner to 12 friends and family. It will be so nice to all be together....that is what it is all about...enjoying each other and being thanksful. :o)

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