Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Computer

Well, we finally had to break down and purchase a new computer. We bought an ACER on the advice of our daughter, Megan. I think I am going to like it, but it is just such a pain to get all your stuff on it. We had to scramble and try an remember user names and passwords. LOL This monitor is a 19 inch and much bigger than our last one, plus it is a flat screen which is awesome. Our two cats will hate the new monitor because they loved to sit on top of the old one as it was warm. Another awesome feature is the size of the hard drive. It is small enough to sit on the desk next to the monitor. I hated trying to get the SD card for the camera into the hard drive appropriate slot. I use it alot as I am often taking pics and listing new items in my Etsy store. Now it is right in front of me and so easy. :o)
I did absolutely no sewing today. We spent the day sorting all the junk on our desk and hoeing it out. We still are not finished, but it is going to be great when we are done.
We have 2 to 3 inches of snow and they are calling for up to 8 inches by tomorrow. All I can say is they better not close school. LOL I love my children, but I am ready for some quiet time. It was a long weekend. I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving week when they have the whole week off from school. :o)
Time to watch a little tv with my honey.

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