Monday, November 24, 2008

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Steve and I finally did an inventory of all the Christmas gifts we have bought and what we still need to buy. We now have our notebook ready with each child's name and what we have gotten them and what is ordered. We will also add what we have yet to buy. This system works great for us as long as we can manage to hide the notebook from all the kids. So far it has not been a problem. Since we have 4 birth children, 3 adopted children and two foster children, we would be lost without our list. The kids are all required to make us a Christmas wish list. I must say that the kids are a bit behind on that this year. We normally go through their lists and cross off the definite "nos", (like those large ticket items that are not in the budget), and determine from the remaining items what we will buy them. I remember the Christmas that my three brothers and I all requested new snowmobiles. We each got one, they were about 8" long and made of plastic. My parents had a good laugh over that one. Anyway, we always have a few things that we think they need that is not on their lists..LOL

This Christmas is going to be a bit hard since Steven, who is in Texas will not be home, and Megan and Scott are holding Christmas at their house for Scott's family. I think it is great that they are hosting and making a nice day for everyone, but I miss my kids when the aren't with us. It is a mothers right...LOL

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