Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Meds Are Helping

Yeah…we have really seen a big improvement in the boys behavior since the Psychiatrist adjusted the medication he had put them on at the last visit.  Nick is controlling his temper much better and seems to be in a much improved mood overall.  Bradly is having very few incidence with lying and he is not trying to agitate and annoy as much.  I just hope and pray this isn’t another one of those “Honey Moon” phases.  Nick starts summer school on Monday and he is quite excited.

The boys just left to attend their “Social Skills '” group in Warsaw, but will be back in a couple of hours.  It is really nice because their skill builder picks them up and returns them home.  They have been working on “boundaries”, fire safety and various other good things.

I relisted a purse made from Alexander Henry’s “Sailor jerry” tattoo fabric this morning.  I really need to get busy sewing this week and get a few more items listed in my shop.


We talked to our son Steven who lives in Houston, TX.  He and a few of his friends spent the weekend in Austin.  It was Steven’s first time there and he was very impressed with how much cleaner that city is than Houston.  A bizarre occurrence was that someone he met this weekend actually went to school with my husband.  Now that is rather strange considering we live in New York…I mean, what are the chances of that..LOL  :o)


Caroline said...

Fantastic news about the medicine!
Continued Good Luck, and kudos with the purses, your fan, caroline

Felix and Jayne said...

love the sailor jerry fabric, cute bag!!

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