Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain, Rain go away…..

Ok, so the weekend is here and I want to know, “Where is the sunshine”?  It sounds like “Father’s Day” is going to be nice and rainy too.  It is a good thing I decided to make lasagna for dinner tomorrow so my hubby wouldn’t have to grill……he may have gotten a bit wet..LOL

I finished another diaper/tote bag but did not get it listed.  When I went to take pictures, my camera wasn’t working.  It tends to go through batteries very quickly..I think I need a camera that is rechargeable.  Steve found a nice one on an overstock online store that is rechargeable…I think I am going to take the plunge and buy it.  I have to have a dependable camera with all the photos I take for my two shops.

Rachel went to the big, Taste of Country concert at Coca Cola field in Buffalo last night.  Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan, Randy Owen (lead singer from Alabama) and Julianne Hough were the country stars playing last night.  I haven’t talked to Rachel this morning to see if it was a good concert.  With those stars, I would have to believe it was pretty good. :o)











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pippijewelry said...

It has been raining here all month, too. At least my garden is happy.
Have you tried rechargable batteries for your camera? Mine goes through batteries pretty quickly, but my husband got a battery charger at the White Elephant party we went to last winter, and I bought a couple of sets of the batteries my camera takes, so there are always some charged up and ready to go.

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