Monday, June 1, 2009

Dog Collar Day

I got  6 new dog collars made today to take up tot he dog groomer’s place.  Three are x-small, two are large and one is x-large.  I will hopefully have a picture to post on tomorrow’s blog update.

Megan is leaving for camp in PA to work as a nurse for the summer.  Scott’s sister, Loren, is also a nurse and she is going also.  I hate the thought of her being 6 hours away from us, but we can still call each other.

I have an appointment for a physical in the morning.  It has been hanging over my head like the plague for days.  Whenever I have to have a physical I  always have myself convinced that they are going to find something very wrong with me.  I really hate PAP tests and actually skipped last year which wasn’t very smart of me.  I am having fasting blood work and Nick needs a fasting blood work also, so I scheduled us together.  I thought it would be easier for him if we were both getting stuck with a needle.  He is still not very happy about it.  Steve will run him to school after his blood work while I get my physical.  :o( 

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