Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock Painting

I thought I would share a project I have been working on.  I just finished painting rocks for under the bush as you come into our house. I had done some about 5 years ago but I decided to do new ones this year. There is a rock for each family member that lives at home as well as one for each of our two dogs.  I also have rocks painted for our flower bed at our camper.  Here is a pic of the ones I just finished at our house.

rocks If anyone is interested in painting rocks for your flower bed, all you need is acrylic paints, brushes and clear outdoor spray paint to seal them.  The first thing you need to do is wash your rocks and dry them in the sun until they are good and dry.  I use a larger brush or a sponge brush for the background color.  Be sure and coat it well, as some rocks  are more porous than others and will soak up the paint fairly quickly.  After the base coat is done and dry, you can start painting your design.  If possible, I make each person’s rock with something they enjoy on it.  This isn’t always possible as I am limited as to what I can draw.  I sometimes use a permanent black marker to do the lettering, or I use black paint.  If you are careful you can draw your letters on with a pencil and then outline and paint.  When your rock is all painted, and quite dry, spray with several coats of the clear, outdoor spray paint.  It is important not to leave your rocks out during the winter if you live where it is cold and snowy.  We just put ours in the garage until Spring.  This year Bradly wanted to help me paint, so he put the base coat on most of the rocks and he was quite proud of his work.  The kids also helped think of what to put on the rocks, for instance Bradly thought since Nicholas likes to camp, a tent would be great as well as a campfire.  Nicholas thought I should paint a Pokeman on Brad’s since he loves them.  I took their advise and they each liked their rock. This can be a great family project and I find it to be very relaxing.  :o)

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SassySashadoxie said...

I love painting rocks, too. But, feel my skills are that of a 4 year olds, but hey I can do a pretty good ladybug. heehee. We have tons of river rocks in our yard from small to large boulder size. Makes growing things a pain, but it is amazing the forces at work that create rocks.

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