Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rascal Flatts Concert

Rachel and her best friend, “Amanda” got tickets yesterday for the “Rascal Flatts” concert which is coming to Buffalo this summer.  They are quite psyched about it.  I think the last concert I went to was “Aerosmith” in 1979 at the “Aud” in Buffalo.  Boy, that makes me feel really old..LOL The Aud isn’t even there any more. The amazing thing is that “Aerosmith” is one of those groups that are still going strong and another generation likes them too.

Bradly had two good mornings in a row which does not happen very often, and it feels so good.  He always needs a few reminders, but I can live with that.  You know he had a good morning when he leaves and I am not in tears, or so frustrated I want to scream…LOL

I have been working like crazy on my dog collars and leashes.  Yesterday, Mindy, our dog groomer stopped by to pick up all the doggie items she is displaying in her shop.  I have 12 collars in various sizes and three leashes which match three of the collars displayed now.  She also has a “Doggie Travel Bag” displayed in her shop. Mindy purchased one of them herself and uses it a as a purse. We are both excited about launching this idea that we have been talking about doing for a year.  :o)

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