Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In November we remodeled our downstairs bathroom, including new drywall for the walls and ceiling as well as a new floor and sink.  We started noticing dings in the wall and amazingly they were an exact match to the end of Bradly’s toothbrush.  Now, he is 11 1/2 years old and I think he is old enough to not be destroying things.  One of the dings became a hole that Steve patched and before he could even paint it, Bradly had dug a hole into the patch compound.  Of course he was denying having anything to do with these holes, but soon discovered he could not lie his way out of it.  We told him if he did it again, he would have to be supervised in the bathroom (oh yeah, that is what we really want to do)!  So anyway, a few weeks went by and he made more dings…..lost some privileges and we gave him a break on joining him in the bathroom and supervising if he promised to never do it again, which of course he did.  So, last week, Steve patched everything and repainted the wall.  I informed Bradly that if he put dings in the wall again, he would be majorly grounded for 2 weeks and he would basically have no life.  I honestly thought with those consequences he wouldn’t do it again.  Well, guess what…we have new dings and I am ready to choke this kid.  If anyone has any ideas, I am so open to hearing them.  I realize Bradly has problems, but this is ridiculous.  We decided that if he is honest and doesn’t try and lie his way out of taking responsibility for his actions, that we will make the grounding until Sat. rather than two whole weeks.  Grounding at our house includes no t.v, no pool or trampoline, computer or GameBoy……basically no life.  I would be insane by the end of 2 weeks of him being grounded.  The thing is, I do know better than to make threats of consequences I would not want to enforce. …but I did it, so I figured the best way to shorten it up and still keep my authority is to give him this chance to be honest.  Well, I appreciate being able to spout off about this problem, and blogging about this just might keep me from choking him…LOL  :o)


Christie Cottage said...

LOL! I am taken back in time to memories.

How about taking his toothbrush away. Make him brush his teeth with his finger (like people did before toothbrushes).

Good luck!

Arelel Designs said...

Christie...I hadn't even thought of that....you are brilliant..LOL

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