Thursday, June 25, 2009

LAST Day of School

Well, it has arrived!!  This is the boys last day of school and it is a half day.  Nick will be attending summer school for 6 weeks of the summer beginning in July.  He is quite happy about going and was very upset yesterday because he wanted summer school to start sooner.  Nick had an episode with his anger on Tues. and we were requested to come to school and pick him up.  Evidently there were  two incidences of another boy hitting him on the playground.  Instead of getting help from a grownup, Nick hit the kid back.  Due to Nick’s anger issues, it was decided that two adults would escort him back into school and give him a chance to cool off.  When the three of them reached the door to enter the school, Nick kicked the door and shattered the glass.  Because it was a safety type of glass, the glass remained in the door but was shattered.  I am not excusing his behavior in any way, but I have a feeling that part of the problem was that he had to go in and the other child remained on the playground and he was just as much involved as Nick.   Either way, we will be continuing to work on helping Nick control his anger.  The doctor increased the new med he has been on and we are all hopeful that it will aid him in a little more control. 

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about my Tues. post in which I shared the issues we are having with  Bradly poking more holes in our new bathroom wall, I wanted you to know that he is still among the living. LOL  He made the very wise choice to be honest about what he had done and therefore is grounded until Sat. instead of the two weeks I had threatened him with if he was to ever ding the wall again.  I appreciated the comment Christie left about having him brush the old fashioned way with his finger and toothpaste.  I have since found that you can buy toothbrushes that fit on your finger like a thimble.  Bradly knows that if this behavior occurs again, this is the type of toothbrush he will have.

Despite the chaos of the last few days, I did manage to finish another diaper/tote bag.  My new camera arrived yesterday, so this picture of the new bag is the last that will be taken with my old camera.  The new camera is rechargeable and also has a small tripod which will help with the pictures of small items like wallets and tooth fairy pillows.  I am hoping to redo some of the old, blurry pics.  :o)

tattoo diaper bag 3


Caroline said...

Ronda, I am so jealous how do you do it??? I can't seem to get a minute without clasping on the couch, never getting anything done.
I’ll keep rooting you on! Summer has been a burden with all the kids, and work, still trying to figure things out! Sending blessings your way, caroline

Arelel Designs said...

Carolyn..thank you so much for your kind words.

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