Friday, June 5, 2009

Mountain Pies

MMmmm…if you have never had a mountain pie, you really need to find someone with the pie makers and try them….you won’t be sorry.  We went up to our camper for the late afternoon and evening.  Bradly planted flowers which he loves doing, and Nick watered them.  They actually got along while doing this.  I cleaned the deck and Steve fixed our screen door and made a great fire.  We made mozzarella cheese and pepperoni pies and then for desert, we made some with blueberry pie filling.  It is so amazing how much Bradly has changed.  Last year we were lucky if he even finished one pie….today he ate two cheese and pepperoni ones and 1 1/2 blueberry pies.  It seems so nice not to have him be so picky.

My goal for today was to finish the other two little kid aprons that I have had cut out since before Christmas.  I actually had three, but got one done yesterday and I did finish the other two this afternoon.  Here is the pic of the one I made yesterday that is already listed in my “Holiday and Gift Shop”.  Hopefully I will get the other two listed tonight.

butterfly apron 1 Oh, by the way, I did figure out what I was doing wrong with my drawstring bags….I was stringing them wrong.  How in the world I got to this age and have done all the sewing I have done, and not known how to string a drawstring bag is beyond me.  I found a tutorial and followed it through to the part where they put the string in.  Boy, did I feel stupid..LOL  Once the bags were strung properly, I was quite pleased with them.  :o)

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