Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is Today Thursday??

It must be because the kids are out of school, but I continually have no idea what day of the week it is.  I tend to think it is the weekend, I presume because there is no school on the weekends…sure hope I don’t spend the whole summer confused about what day of the week it is..LOL.

I finished another diaper/tote bag and listed it .  I have one more to finish and then list.  I told my hubby to remind me not to cut out 5  of the same bags again because I am heartily sick of making the same bag in different fabrics over and over.  I like variety, but I forgot myself and thought I was doing this great thing by cutting out 5 complete bags in this style.  Here is the newest bag I have listed.  This bag is covered with cute frogs.

frog diaper bag 5 We hope to hit some yard sales tomorrow morning as there are quite a few around Arcade.  The boys love looking for bargains at these sales and they save up their change in case they find something they can’t live without.  Steve and I are still trying to decide whether the weather is going to be decent enough to have a picnic on the 4th.  I have a menu done and everything is bought just in case, so we will see how the weather comes off and plan accordingly.  ":o)


Jesse Dornan said...

I'm a teacher, so I understand not knowing what day it is! I guess that's a good thing to not know? :)

AMIdesigns said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean about getting sick of making the same pattern. I'm getting sick of hand wrapping pearls, but then again that what sells best! Hope you have a great Independance Day, even if you don't manage a picnic

Anonymous said...

I never seem to know what day it is:) You're not alone:)
Gorgeous bags and great music!

michele said...

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