Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Far so Good

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation for my kids.  I have to say that the way this past week has gone, I was not really looking forward to vacation starting.  In truth, yesterday was awesome.  Both boys behaved super well and the day was relaxing and enjoyable.  Today has been pretty good too….at least the sun is shining.  We got so much rain so quickly yesterday that it was just standing in our yard.

I whipped up a crab macaroni salad to go with the steak Steve is grilling for dinner tonight.  We had an awesome Chinese hot chicken and spinach salad for lunch that was so filling and yummy it was almost hard to believe it was really healthy.  I love the precooked grilled or roasted chicken breast strips in the dairy case…they make it so easy to make a salad like we had. We had not done very well on our diet he last few weeks, and I was quite unhappy when I stepped on the scales and saw that I had gained 9 pounds.  That called for immediate action and we got back at eating right.  I decided to brave the scale and see if I had been able to lose any of what I had gained….I lost 7 of the 9 poundsI had gained and was so relieved.  Do you ever wonder why the weight comes off so hard and goes back on so fast??    :o)

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Caroline said...

I truly understand, I gained an extra 10! stress gets me all the time, just started exercising snd eating right today! Good luck!

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