Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Painting Day

If all goes as planned, we are painting our garage today.  We would rather put siding on it, but since that isn’t in the budget, at least paint will spruce it back up.  Steve spent quite a while yesterday with the power washer and was able to remove quite a bit of the old paint.  Rachel is off from work today and has volunteered (or maybe she was drafted..LOL) to help us.  Bradly is chomping at the bit to help, so we figure he can do some of the lower part.  If our backs hold up we will be doing good.

I thought today I would post a few pictures from my second Etsy shop.  I have sold quite a few tooth fairy pillows in the last year and since I don’t talk much about this shop much I thought I would share the link to it as well as a few pics.    www.ArelelDesigns2.etsy.com

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DJ said...

Cute cute tooth fairy pillows!

I had one as a kid & really wish i could find it now. These would make a great gift for a kids first birthday.

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