Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sciatic Problems

I think painting the garage might have been responsible for this reoccurrence of sciatic pain.  I spent two summers, a few years apart, laid up with this problem.   It is a very painful condition and not only do you get bad lower back pain, but also pains down the front and back of one or both legs, often to your toes.  I am going to see the chiropractor tomorrow and hopefully he can whip me back into shape before I end up really bad again. 

Tuesday, we went to our camper for the afternoon and early evening,.  Rachel was off that day, so she went along.  Being the peach that she is, she took Brad and Nick swimming in the in-ground pool there and then they went fishing in the lake.  Both boys caught quite a few sunnies, but then Nick caught a decent sized bass.  On the drive to the camper he had stated that if he caught a fish, he was making it into sushi for supper. (Yuck) He changed his mind when he got the fish…he wouldn’t even touch it.  LOL  We grilled steak and had salt potatoes for supper.  The boys rode their bikes for a while and then we made an early evening of it because Nick had summer school the next day.  It was a very nice and relaxing day.

Tomorrow is Nick’s 8th birthday and he is naturally very excited.  He decided he didn’t want birthday cake, he opted for banana splits.  Rachel’s boss at the ice cream shop gave us some boats to make them in and we have all the makings…Mmmm should be yummy.  Rachel and Nick are baking cupcakes after school today so he can take a treat for his class to celebrate his birthday.  :o)

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