Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Reid and Rachel’s birthday celebration went great……my hubby makes the most marvelous ice cream cakes. I thought I would share this simple recipe. About 10 years ago, a friend I worked with shared it with me and birthday cakes have been so much better at our house ever since.  This recipe even works for a diabetic if you use sugar free ice cream and cookies and light cool whip. You can use any combination you like.  Reid had a mint chip ice cream with mint Oreos and choc. syrup (also great with mint julip).  Rachel had vanilla ice cream with Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter topping…the combinations are endless.  I had one once with butter pecan ice cream and Pecan Sandies and carmel sauce …let your imagination run wild!!  :o)

You will need a 9x 13 pan (we use glass), 1/2 gal. of ice cream(1 box) about 1/2 pkg. cookies, a 12 oz. cool whip, and ice cream topping.


Place cookies in a ziplock plastic bag and use a rolling pin to crush them (use just enough cookies to crumble and lightly cover the bottom of the pan).  On top of the cookie crumbs, you slice the ice cream and lay the slices to fit in the pan.  Use it all and it will be getting a bit soft by now…just smooth it over with a knife.  The topping is the next layer to go on…you can use choc. syrup, (I make homemade peanut butter sauce), but if you use a warm topping, let it cool before you put it on the cake.  Use whatever topping goes well with your ice cream.  So, after you spread the topping, frost the top with thawed cool whip.  We sometimes drizzle syrup on the top and make the cake look fancier.  Cover the cake tightly with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer.  Leave it until; about 5 minutes before serving.  Let it sit and soften just enough to cut.  The great thing about this cake is that it keeps so well that you can make it a few days or even a week ahead of time.  I hope if anyone tries this you will let me know how you liked it.  We very rarely get an order for a reg. baked cake anymore.  Here is a pic of Reid and Rachel with their cakes so you can see what they look like.  :o)

reid and rachel b day cakes


illi said...

YUM!!!! I'm having a ice cream earring giveaway stop by and check it out :)


Frenzy23 said...

Ohh this sounds good. Thanks for sharing!

Audrey said...

That sounds so yummy!! Unfortunately hubby gets headaches from Oreo cookies.
Twins - how cool is that!

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds wonderful. It's making my cavity hurt now. :0 Hope you have a wonderful day.

Samantha said...

Oh my gosh, a homemade ice cream cake, that sounds like magic to me!!

Lady_Sudz said...

Hubby's Birthday is coming.....Looks Fab!

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