Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dinner at Red Robin

Nick had a certificate from Red Robin for a free meal for his birthday.  Since our twins have their birthday on Monday, the 27th, Rachel also had a certificate for a free meal.  Naturally we went to Red Robin for dinner and it was fantastic as usual.  Nick and Brad always get the chicken fingers and fries kids meal.  Rachel gets the bacon cheeseburger, and Steve and I get the mushroom swiss burger.  They have the best ranch dressing in the world, and they will give you as side of it to dip your fries (which are also fantastic, and I am not a big fan of french fries).  “Red Robin” herself was there and Rachel got a pic of her with Nick.  Bradly flat out refused  LOL.  When the waitress brought Nick and Rachel their free birthday sundae, she brought some other waitresses along and quite loudly sang Happy Birthday to Nick and Rachel.  Rachel’s face turned so red..LOL  We also went to Target while we were there and got some great bargains.  :o)

Nick with “Red Robin”5600_511683581924_208300310_30794282_7077955_n

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