Monday, July 20, 2009


I gave my hubby and Bradly each a haircut today.  It was unbelievable how much hair I took off Bradly’s head.  His hair tends to get bushy rather than long, so he needs about half as many haircuts as Steve and Nick.  I left  most of the length and layered and thinned it.  They both look quite handsome, plus we saved the $20 we would have spent at Fantastic Sams..

Last night we watched “Drop Dead Diva” on the Lifetime channel for the second time.  It is such a good show, plus from what we have read, it got the highest ratings ever for a new show on this channel.  I wonder if anyone else saw this entertaining show and what they thought of it.

Nick has a birthday coupon for a free meal at “Red Robin”.  He is chomping at the bit to go and get some of their big french fries.  Rachel has a coupon also because her and Reid have a birthday on the 27th, so her and Nick are going to go for dinner tomorrow night.  We may go too, we will see what tomorrow brings.  :o)

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Audrey said...

My hubby's name is Bradley, though no one would dare call him that. LOL
It's always nice to get a free meal out, no cooking, no dishes!

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