Monday, July 27, 2009

Twin’s Birthday

Reid and Rachel are celebrating their 22nd birthday today.  It is wonderful that they are both able to be here.  They just left to go to Red Robin for lunch and then we will have chicken cor don bleu and hash brown potato casserole for their birthday dinner.  Reid ordered mint chip ice cream cake and Rachel ordered peanut butter.  Steve made those yesterday, so they are in the freezer just waiting to be eaten.  It is also Chloe, our dogs birthday…she is 11 today.  She is getting a new rawhide chew.  When we got her, almost 11 years ago, we never knew the exact date in July that she was born, so the kids decided she would have the same birthday as them.  My parents are coming over to help celebrate.  :o)

Reid and Rachel Reid and Rachel Lund

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