Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Made It!!

Yes! Yesterday was our last day on phase 1 of our diet. Today we started on phase 2 which means we can add some fruits and whole grains like whole grain bread, brown rice and barely. We can also have sugar free fat free yogurt now. This makes a great smoothie which we will probably have for breakfast sometimes. Today we had two poached eggs on a piece of wholegrain toast. Mmm...it was really good.:o) Last night we had Greek omelets for dinner. Now, my brother Joe is the omelet king, but these are still awesome. I use my smallest frying pan and heat a little bit of olive oil in it. In a bowl, I beat 3 eggs with a bit of cold water (a hint from Joe) and add salt and pepper to it. Then I rip up a handful of fresh spinach and stir that in. It goes into the well heated frying pan and cook as you do any omelet. When it is almost done, place some feta cheese on one half and fold it over. I slide it onto a plate and microwave about 30 seconds to be sure the egg is quite done inside. Sprinkle with
grape tomato halves and serve. It is very delicious and filling.

I was a busy beaver today. I did several loads of laundry and cleaned the laundry room and folded three loads of towels (I have put it off for a while) LOL. I just cut 2 zucchini squash into strips and have them marinating in some Chavettas Italian dressing in a zip lock bag. Steve is grilling us steak on the grill and will also grill the squash. I will be cooking the mushrooms, and will make a baked potato for the boys and a salad as they won't eat the squash.

We had the girls over the weekend, so we were pretty busy. It may be the last time we have them for awhile. They do seem to have adjusted pretty well. I just hope they are keeping their grades up.

I really need to get busy in my studio again. I sold a strap wallet the other day, but business is slow. I think that is to be expected after the holidays and with the condition the economy is in. It would probably help if I made some new things to sell though. LOL Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow. :o)

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