Saturday, February 21, 2009


Megan and Scott arrived around 12:30 pm along with London and Jag, their dogs. We have had a very nice day. Steve made his homemade cheesy clam chowder that Megan requested for dinner. Rachel baked a cheesecake using light cream cheese and Splenda. She chopped fresh strawberries and added some Splenda, which she put over top of the cheesecake pieces. It was really yummy.

I have a feeling I am heading for Bronchitis. I am really not feeling well and I am coughing alot. The most annoying thing is hearing myself wheezing. I just used my Advair inhaler so I am hoping that will help. Steve is getting up with the kids in the morning...yippee. Bradly was really aweful this morning, and he was even worse before he went to bed. I guess having company does not agree with him . Anyway, he has frayed my nerves, and I am just so glad I do not have to deal with him in the morning. :o)

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