Friday, February 13, 2009

Plane Crash

What a sad day this is as we pray for all the families who lost loved ones in the plane that crashed 5 miles from the Buffalo International Airport last night. All on board perished as well as a man who lived in the house that the plane crashed into. Reid is friends with Jill, the daughter of the man who passed away in the house. Jill and her mom managed to escape with fairly minor injuries, but Jill's dad was not so lucky. Reid is shocked by the news that it was Jill's house that was hit. He said they had actually both been at the same party this past Sat. night. She also attends SUNY Brockport. For some strange reason we never knew about the crash until this afternoon. Steve and I went on a shopping trip to Jo Ann Fabrics today and then out to lunch for Valentine's Day. On the way into the city, the dj of one of the radio stations kept making reference to the tragedy in Clarence Center and all the grieving families. He never said what had happened, so we did not find out till we got home and Rachel told us. It is always scary when these accidents occur, but it really hits harder when it is so close to home. It makes us think about all the times we have had loved ones flying in or out of this airport. Megan just flew home from Austalia in Aug. and my brother Joe and his wife Denise flew this past July for a visit. I can't imagine being someone waiting to pick someone up at the airport, only to find out they are gone.

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