Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over the Hump Day

Well, we are over half way to the weekend. :o) My husband was quite bossy this morning and insisted that I call and get a Dr. appointment today. I argued that I would go if I wasn't better by Friday. Well, he won and I went. I am so glad I did. She could hear wheezing in my lungs which is what happens when I get asthmatic bronchitis. She put me on my magical combination of anti- biotic and steroid. I feel somewhat better tonight, but that could be because I know I will start feeling better from the meds. We have an important CSE meeting at school for Nick tomorrow. I really need to be there, but I am worried I will sit and cough my head off. We are trying very hard to get Nick a one-on-one aide. He really needs one and his teacher is with us on this. We will have a couple of people from Waiver there to offer support too. He had the recomendation for an aide of his own when he left the Childrens Psych hospital. We have been working to make it happen since summer. Nick is regressing and he really needs constant encouragement to stay on task. I called and requested this meeting and we are going ready to fight for this.

I almost have another purse finished. It has quite a Spring feel to it. Hopefully I will have it listed tomorrow. Yesterday was a good day as I had two sales. This was a huge improvement over the last month. :o)

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